24 Greatest Lessons From The CoronaVirus Pandemic In The World 

24 Important Lessons From The CoronaVirus Pandemic

The Coronavirus pandemic is one of the biggest and the most controversial health crises that mankind has faced in the last century. The entire world was brought to a static point with many countries placing strict curfew as a way to curtail the fast spread of the deadly CoronaVirus.

The COVID-19 viral attack started from Wuhan in China and eventually spread across all the countries with almost over a million cases recorded and over 53000 deaths resulting from it.

You can take a look at the current and live data of COVID-19 on Worldometere.

US now has more coronavirus cases than any other country

It is important to know that there have been so many thoughts and arguments on the Coronavirus pandemic. 

  • Some see it as the 3rd world war.
  • Others saw it as a virus from a Chinese market in Wuhan.
  • Some Christians think it’s end-time and rapture about to happen. 
  • Some people think Nature is just taking its cause while others think it’s a political agenda to depopulate the world and grow economic strength.

Well, whichever once it is, one or two of the above thoughts must be right.

This pandemic is definitely not going to die down without leaving behind some important lessons to the world. Below are some great and important lessons from the Coronavirus pandemic as mentioned by Moses Inwang on Instagram.

24 Important Lessons From Coronavirus Pandemic

     1. The United States is no longer the world’s leading country, China is.

This is a pretty hard pill to swallow, but as it stands right now, China is the world power when you talk of the economy. With over 1.4 billion people, China has turned its large numbers to world production support. Also, every country including the United States right now depends on China for its productions and supply chain at an affordable cost. Even in the midst of this coronavirus pandemic, China is the first and only country that recovered first and resumed economic activities, manufacturing medical kits for all the countries that are seriously hit with the COVID-19 virus.

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Even the 5G network that is projected to be up by 2025 in the United States, UK, and South Korea will be ready in China in 2020 giving them a 5-year gap to become the mass producer and supplier of 5G equipment to the world, this will not only create over 4 million jobs but will give another big score mark to the Chinese GDP.

     2. China won the 3rd World War without firing a missile and no one could handle it:

We might not like to hear this but the world is fighting world war and one of the thoughts mentioned above said there is a conspiracy theory to this for economic and political power. If this is the case, then, China has won and defeated them will take America a lot without firing a single missile.

     3. Europeans are not as educated as they appear: 

Europe was the most hit by the Corona Virus before America took it and so many accolades have been given 

    4. We can survive vacations without trips to Europe and the USA.

For the first time, Africans are coming to the realization that they can have a good life at home without the rush to visit Europe and the USA. In a time of the pandemic, Africans seem to survive the virus even with less standard medical equipment and treatment. 

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     5. Rich people are in fact less immune to diseases than the poor.

This one is pretty obvious as rich and older people seem to be more affected by the virus. However, this might have been as a result of the rich being exposed in areas like Airports, malls and luxury areas where the diseases have been at its peak.

     6. Human beings are opportunistic and despicable no matter their socioeconomic position when prices are rising.

In most places where the coronavirus hit, there were cases of people taking advantage of the situation and becoming high capitalist by hiking the prices of food and medical equipment.

     7. No Pastor, Rabai, Mullah, Alfa or Pandit saved patients. Doctors and healthcare workers did.

Major religious activities were stopped as a way to curtail the fast spread of the coronavirus pandemic. Top religions locations like st. Peter’s square at Vatican and Grand Mosque in Mecca were seen deserted and everyone had to worship their God from home and digital channels.

There was no single miracle recorded, all the recovered patients were treated by medical personnel.

     8. Human beings are the real viruses on the planet.

Pretty deep, but humans spread the virus, the virus did not spread.

     9. We sure can spend Billions of Dollars on the poor without red-tapism. 

Definitely, quicker decisions were made without the crazy delays and protocols that proposals normally go through before approvals both government and private funds.

     10. Health professionals are worth more than sports’ persons and entertainers.

The coronavirus pandemic to the world is a reminder that health professionals should be given more attention than sports persons because they deal with life. Life comes first before entertainment.

     11. Oil is worthless in a society without consumption.

For the case of Nigeria, our oil became worthless and there was no buyer and this affected the Nigerian government adversely. There is a need for a diversified economy.

     12. How animals feel in the zoo.

How did you feel for those 14 days that the government asked all citizens to stay at home? Lonely and bored right?

Now you can imagine how animals in the zoo feel.

     13. The planet regenerates quickly without humans at play.

14. Social media is powerful and you can use it to hold your leaders accountable.

Social media have become a very powerful tool that the voiceless masses can use to lend out their voice and call out their leaders who are incompetent, arrogant, lazy and corrupt. Someone like President Muhammed Buhari had to address Nigerians after he was heavily attacked and called out on Twitter for keeping mute in the midst of global panic while presidents of other countries addressed their citizens. There are other instances where the ministry of health had to delete a tweet betting Elon Musk for ventilators even after receiving N27.2 billion donations to fight COVID-19.

     15. The majority of people can work from home.

Online activities surged and more people started working from home and still produced the same result as going to the office. More people started to explore digital means to learn. If you’re looking to learn a digital skill, Get get started with Motute. Meanwhile, here is how to build a brand that attracts clients globally.

     16. We and the kids can survive without junk food.

Parents and children at home eventually adjusted to a life without everyday junks… people started to eat real cooked food instead of baked and processed food.

     17. Prisoners in jail for petty crimes can be released.

     18. Living a hygienic life is not difficult.

     19. Only women should not know how to cook.

     20. There are a lot of good people in the World.

     21. If you build more schools and make them free, you will have to construct fewer hospitals and probably prisons.

22. Media is just manipulative and opportunistic.

So many lies and false stories were told by the media just to go viral and be seen.

     23. Fame, wealth and position are vanities.

The coronavirus pandemic has given another strong evidence as to why wealth and riches are vanities. All of a sudden; no one was busy anymore, no more business meetings, flights and all that made the earth and nature super busy. Everyone just wanted to survive and tell the story.

     24. Health is indeed wealth.

The demand for orange, lemon, grape, garlic, supplements and other immune-boosting foods went up because everyone realized the hard way that health is indeed wealth.



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