Different Types of Models In Nigeria That Earn Very High In Nigeria

Different Types of Models In Nigeria That Earn Very High In Nigeria

There are different types of models in case you are crazy about popularity and showcasing your feminine flamboyant carriage also known as “catwalk” on the runway with the cameras clicking at you. You can just choose one of them. Girls all over the world want to feel beautiful and relevant in the public eye by fitting into the fashion industry as models.

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Modeling may not be as easy as it seems because of the many procedures and hard work involved. This is because being a model goes beyond beautiful face and body. There are much more important factors, which can influence your modeling career. Moreover, it isn’t even necessary to be very slim, because nowadays there exist plus-size models.

The different types of models require different things to survive.

Types Of Models And Body Specifications

The term model can mean various things in various contexts and professions. However, this article is concerned with humans and not ideal circumstances or objects. When it comes to humans, a model has a couple of definitions. The term can be described as a person who serves as a subject for photographer, painter or sculptor (employed mostly for posing). Another notion says it’s someone, who displays merchandise, such as clothing and cosmetics.

Below are the most popular types of models. Note that each of these kinds has unique requirements for women. The most popular categories of models include:

  1. Fashion Model

This is also called editorial modeling. This category includes high fashion models who are always featured in magazines, like Cosmopolitan, Vogue, etc. They usually work for top designers, such as Chanel, Valentino, Gucci, Prada, and so on. Such girls are highly required to be about 6’0″ high and extremely slim. The standard measurements are 33-23-33 (bust-waist-hips). However, if you don’t correspond to all the requirements you do not need to panic because the modeling agencies most times look at everything in a complex.

  1. Runway Model

This is one of the types of models that is also referred to as catwalk models. They do not require being as tall as the fashion models with a height of about 5’9”. Their only key requirement is the body size because they must fit the clothes they are going to demonstrate. They have a more contracted measurement than the first type thus – 34-23-34 (bust-waist-hips).

However, the practice in this category is that the designers usually create outfits and then select appropriate models who properly fit into them, not vice versa. This reason is why this category is more difficult. It is required that one meets the various requirements. There exist exceptions to the rules, but that is strictly for elite models who have built a great reputation in the business.

  1. Commercial Model

This category of models is popularly available for everyone and do not require many rules. The models are mostly engaged in product advertising. They are the people you see their faces on products’ packs. They are also referred to as product ambassadors.

  1. Plus-size Model

As has been mentioned before in this article, this category of models consists of those women with elaborate sizes. This category is becoming more popular in the industry. If you wish to be a success in this category, you first need to be size 12 and above.

5. Petite Model

This is one of the types of models that consist of small-sized girls that model outfits like swimsuits and lingerie. In this category, height is not an issue with a height of 5’7” seen as acceptable. Besides, petite models are often chosen as a foot or hand models, hence, do not require big heights.

  1. Child Model

A couple of celebrities started their careers as child models. This chance is exclusively reserved for kids of 12 years or less. It is worthy of note that no size or height requirement is a necessity here. So avail your little daughters and nieces of this opportunity. These kids have mostly hired for magazines or catalogs ads. Nevertheless, several fashion designers make clothes for kids (for instance, Guess, etc.).

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7. Lingerie Model

This is one of the types of models that are required to be curvy. For example, the editorial models. They are hired to advertise clothing ranging from underwear to swimsuits to sleep wears and also summer wears. They might be a showroom or petit models as well. Hence, they require those sexy curves to look attractive in the outfits.

  1. Glamour Model

This category is more decorative in nature. They are hired to look sexy and appealing to the audience. They usually pose for a photographer. Their job is more sexually suggestive than other modeling jobs. Examples of this kind of models are those Girls from Playboy magazine and the likes.

  1. Fitness Model 

These are athletic girls. They might represent the sport-clothing manufacturer or be commercial models.

  1. Fit Model

This is one of the types of models that involve people who help the designers and manufacturers in the process of creation (making sure size and fit are maintained, etc.).These models are always behind the scenes to ensure the standard is maintained.

11. Parts Model

This is one of the types of models that are concerned with modeling outfits made for specific parts of the body. Petite models may be of this type as well. They model-specific body parts products like; jewelry, shoes, nails, gloves, and so on.

  1. Promotional model

These models promote various kinds of products. They also do trade show modeling as well. As a promotional model, you only need to be friendly and have a good knowledge of the product you’re promoting.

  1. Mature Model

This is one of the types of models that involve women of about 30 and over. They are frequently hired as commercial models for older women’s outfits.

The above-discussed categories are the most popular types of models existing nowadays. So, If you wish to become one, you only need to choose the field you’re suitable for and make your bow.