3 Seasonal Businesses with high yield In Nigeria

3 Seasonal Businesses with high yield In Nigeria

A lot of persons have continued to seek ways on how to increase their income through seasonal businesses with high yields.

Are you that person looking for 3 seasonal businesses with high yield to boost your income and make your accounts heavy again?

Welcome!! you have come to the right place, where you will be thought 3 seasonal businesses with high yields that can make you a millionaire in a short while.

The power behind seasonal businesses is that you would not have to stress your self-marketing your products because of the high demand and low supply.

There are quite a bunch of seasonal businesses with high yield you can start to do today, which are;
poultry, goat, and rams rearing, rearing rabbits, production and sale of umbrellas, and many more.

This study will look at just three seasonal businesses with high yield you can start with low capital.

Here is a captivating and motivational story to set you on the right part.

Isreal Ayodele, a fifteen years old boy has understood the dynamics of business.
You may ask your self “who is this boy and how does it affect me”
Before you run off, look at the wisdom Isreal Ayodele applied in seasonal businesses with high yield.

Isreal Ayodele makes an umbrella in large quantities during the dry season, he grew up on the streets and refused to remain poor.

During the rainy season, he will wait beside churches, mosques, hotels, event places, and offices with umbrella goods. As the rain pours, he sells his umbrellas for double the price.
He sells more now by bringing in his friends who he pays at the end of the day according to how much goods they were able to sell.

Ayodele is now a millionaire who has diversified into many other seasonal businesses with high yield. He is not even educated and he has no parents.

The three seasonal businesses with high yield to start now are


Seasonal businesses

Rearing of birds such as chickens, turkeys, and geese is a highly lucrative business.
In seasonal times such as Christmas and new year, these birds are in high demand.

The profit margin becomes high because few goods will be chasing more money. Here one with available goods can make high yields and profit.

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You might be thinking it needs a lot of capital. Stop thinking such because with ten to fifteen thousand you can start.
Start with five or ten birds and watch how you will become a millionaire in a short while.

Cattle rearing

Seasonal businesses

Don’t think it has to do with cows alone. It gets down to goats and rams.

During most Muslim festivals, these goods are in high demand. Why not dominate by selling to all Muslims around you.

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Cattle rearing is one business with a high yield every day and every time. This is because people are now in pursuit of white-collar jobs, yet forget they consume meat on daily basis.

What are you waiting for? You can start by buying one he-goat and she-goat in their tender stages and watches them reproduce.


Seasonal businesses

Do you know, you wear clothes every day?

Mere investing in clothes is far from my thoughts. Investing in the seasonal clothing business with high yield is what I mean.

In Nigeria and most West African countries, for instance, the period of hamartin comes up usually as the year draws to a close. The cold during this period is usually much.

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What do you do then? You buy sweaters to cover your body.
Be less selfish this time by buying extra sweaters, then sell them and make a profit.

You make a profit by meeting people’s needs. The more needs you meet, the more money you make. Look out for human needs you can use to make a profit.
When you find, turn the chances into your seasonal businesses with high yield.

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