Businesses You Can Start during The Coronavirus Quarantine Period: 5 Things You Can Do While Staying At Home

Businesses You Can Start during The Coronavirus Quarantine Period: 5 Things You Can Do While Staying At Home

The world is at a stage of confusion. There is a serious pandemic that is strange to the new generation. The people that witnessed the Spanish flu will be more at home with what is happening. But trying times require better measures. And most importantly, we will need money to survive this. That is why you must look at the businesses you can start during the coronavirus quarantine period.

It is just funny that a little virus has sent the world into this frenzy. Fair enough, it has done worse than any bullet can do. China was in lockdown, Italy is in total disarray, Nigeria is being tossed around like a fool and the world is going into almost unprecedented health and economic crisis. But it is still just a tiny virus.

I would have loved to give you figures which are scary but this piece is not about that. This is something that can breathe relief and life to people. This is a message of hope.

We are all in quarantine now in our part of the world. Or at least, we feel we are. We must maintain sanity.

Sometime this week, I started playing games that I played as a kid. I enjoyed them. I started reading more and paying attention to some people I obviously neglected.

Life seems to be moving well. I had to cook almost 10 containers of soup. I no longer drink beer and lemon and lime are my new found addictions.

But then it hit me.

What was I thinking to forget that people will also need to make money? We are in the internet age and there are lots of things one can do now from home.

There are businesses you can start during the coronavirus quarantine. The good part is that this won’t be your normal “how to make money at home piece.” We will go a step further.

There will be a call to action and ready hands to take you through any of these things that I will highlight below.

So, are you ready for a great time that will definitely change your life? Remember, you will have to follow the steps religiously.

Let us get to it then. Here is a list of businesses you can start during the coronavirus quarantine period.

Profitable Businesses you can start during the coronavirus quarantine period

  1. Forex and Crypto Trading

Businesses You Can Start during The Coronavirus Quarantine Period

I have had to talk to so many people about trading and what it entails. The ignorance on this is quite colossal. I will explain.

I was discussing with a beautiful lady the other day and she told me they will steal her money and scam her if she trades. Like seriously? What is that?

She would rather invest in offline businesses than start any form of Cryptocurrency and Forex shit and any form of online investment. This is interesting. I did pledge a certain amount of money to her offline investments. A guy has to multi think.

But making money or losing money on trading doesn’t make it false or true. It is an exchange that you need to master.

Making money from it depends on your understanding. The idea is to make more money than you will lose. They are both volatile meaning that shakes to and fro like a simple pendulum and money can be lost and gained. That is why you will need to be guided.

We are adding this to the businesses you can start during coronavirus quarantine because it requires attention and time and you will have both.

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We have a partnership with a giant in the industry who will train our millions of readers that will be interested in starting out in this direction.

Stop now and think about your interest. Have you done that? Okay, chat me up or call 07032096140. We will definitely work this out.

  1. Start writing for blogs and websites

Businesses You Can Start during The Coronavirus Quarantine Period

Now, let us assume that your case with trading is a lost cause, no issues there. You still need other businesses you can start during coronavirus quarantine. That is definitely the point.

Can you write? If yes, then we have very good news for you. You can write for companies, websites or blogs. It could be articles or copies. And to write a copy, you will need to understand copywriting.

I was going through the internet on the rates blogs pay writers to develop contents and I was disgusted. Honestly, the rates are so poor. So, I can understand if you don’t want to waste your time writing an article that you will be paid 500 naira for.

Now, to the interesting part; what if I told you that there is a better way?

This can come in two folds. On the one side, you will have access to people that can actually pay you what you are worth. You can pick as much as 1-3 naira per word. That sounds better right? The implication is that you will be paid over 9k for an article of 3k length.

On the other hand, we can work out a partnership. We will have projects ready for you to work on. When they are ready, you will take 50% of the entire proceeds. That will be as long as the project is live.

The project could be an ebook, business plan templates or other things that we may deem fit as profitable at that time.

Are you ready to do this? The number to chat or call is 07032096140.

  1. Start coding and programming

Businesses You Can Start during The Coronavirus Quarantine Period

I have always admired coders and programmers from a distance. That is the truth. I’m trying to learn but I’m terrible at it. That is okay, I will be an expert soon and you will see.

But some of you are already interested in this aspect of the business. There is a whole lot you can do with this. Some of you already have basic knowledge of Frontend, backend and other aspects of programming.

However, for it to become a business, you know you will need more than just a basis. For the right commitment, our team of advanced coders and programmers can take you to the next level. What do you say to that? Chat or call 07032096140 for more information.

  1. Start mini importation and dropshipping

If you have not heard of mini importation and its sibling, dropshipping, then you are missing a lot.

I remember attending a seminar on Create, Build and Sell (CBS) and there was one particular thing that made sense that day. I have always known it and you also probably know it. It, however, took deeper roots that day.

The thing is, “for you to make money, you must be selling something. It could be a product or a service, but you must sell.”

Buying from places like China and Turkey has lots of advantages. For one, you will buy cheaper and sell better.

So many people are making millions from mini importation. While you are quarantined because of coronavirus, you will do well to start the process of mastering everything that there is to master. It is important that you note that preparedness is needed in becoming what you need to become.

Regarding this, there is a software developed and launched by DeGenius. The name is dropazz and you can access it at It will handle all your mini importation and dropshipping needs.

Chat or call me up on 07032096140 for more information.

  1. Start a blog and learn SEO

This is the last in our list of businesses you can start during the coronavirus quarantine period but it is certainly not the least.

Starting a blog has always been underrated. There is so much to it than we know. You may need to be more patient before you can start seeing the dividends. If you follow the rules that we will teach you and do things right, you may just never have to work for anyone again but yourself.

We have successfully built a monstrous website at It has amazing tools and there are more coming soon. It started off as a simple blog. The traction it has is amazing. Do you want to know how GT Igwe Chrisent, Myself and all our contributors did this? Would you want to be part of a premium package? Then we can work something out.

All you need to do is chat me up on 07032096140. We have you covered.


This is it. Coronavirus will soon be over. That is almost a certainty. Nothing lasts forever. But I believe we should be better off after the pandemic, more prepared to take on new challenges and make more money.

This list of businesses you can start during the coronavirus quarantine period is not conclusive. There are other things one can do. But the difference is that you will have the right guidance and mentorship needed to become a success if you reach and start the process of getting these businesses on the way. I wish you well and I will await your chats and calls.



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