How to Easily Buy MTN Shares On the Nigerian Stock Exchange

How to Buy MTN Shares On the Nigerian Stock Exchange


Good news as Nigeria’s largest GSM Company, MTN Nigeria, will be listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange on Thursday 16th of May 2019 and will be listing 20.3 billion shares on the Nigerian Stock Exchange at N90/share.

It’s been a long wait over the years for this to happen on the Nigerian Stock Exchange and we believe it’s exciting news for traders.

What does Listing MTN on the Nigerian Stock Exchange mean? 

It means that MTN shares can now be traded everyday by buyers and sellers.

Until, now this was not possible as its shares were privately held by MTN investors. Buying and selling MTN shares was only available in South Africa and Ghana which IPO went live last year.

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Who can Buy And Sell MTN Shares?

The MTN shares on NSE can only be bought or sold by retail and institutional investors who have a CSCS account and have an account from any registered stockbroker with NSE. You possibly cannot buy the MTN shares if you do not have a stock brokerage account from a stockbroker registered and certified in Nigeria. Kindly find a registered stockbroker by following this link for the list of the top 10 on NSE website.

How to Easily Buy MTN Shares On the Nigerian Stock Exchange

Kindly follow the steps below, if you are interested in buying MTS share 2019 From NSE.

  1. Open an account with a stockbroker. Kindly check the link above for the list of stockbrokers on Nigerian stock exchange. A stockbroker is licensed to buy and sell shares and other instruments.

Requirements to open a stockbroking account are essentially the same as what you would need to open a regular bank account.

  1. Fund your account Once you’ve opened an account with a stockbroker, you need to fund it. MTN is likely to be listed at N90 per share. (As shared by Tosin Olaseinde on Twitter)
  2. The last step is to place an order. Some of these brokers have online platforms, so if you’re tech savvy you can do the buying and selling yourself. if you are not, you can send an email to your stockbroker, instructing them to do so. You don’t have to wait till Thursday.

Quick Guide to Using Online Broker to Buy MTN Shares

  • Deposit money into your stock brokerage account after you have created your account… this is only if you’re just getting started with trading stocks.
  • Instruct your stockbroker to buy for you at your determined price if you’re not a techy savvy.
  • You can also buy yourself if you operate an online trading account with the same stock brokerage account.
  • If you go through the online portal, you place your bid and hope that an offer is available for you at the right price and you have a deal.
  • You get an email from your stockbroker confirming that you now own shares in MT.

That all, same things happened when you want to sell.

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What is the minimum MTN Share units one can buy on NSE?

It depends on your stockbroker Some have a minimum of;



N50,000, etc That determines the minimum you can open an account with and start trading.


As a matter of fact, we believe MTN shares are going to be really scarce for the moment as most of the shares are privately held by investors. Majority will agree to sell when they need cash and if the price is right. Since MTN has revealed its plans to have an IPO (Initial Public Offering) “soon” which will create new shares. This might be when a lot of Nigerian traders will get the opportunity to buy the MTN Share on NSE. And definitely, price must have gone up above N90 by then.

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