Truzact Is Here, These Are Our Reasons For Creating It For You

“To some, it’s about the community, to others, it’s about the impact we’re making but to us, we’re helping spread financial freedom through Blockchain and Crypto” – This was the statement we wrote first while trying to put things together.

Passion aside, looking at the positive trendlines on blockchain and cryptocurrency investment, there is a need for a simplified and customer-oriented platform that caters to every crypto enthusiast who is looking to start, grow and preserve their financial freedom via crypto.

Truzact; which was gotten from TRUST TRANZACT has been a vision birthed since 2020 during the covid-19 pandemic lockdown 😷 in a bid to help people maintain healthy crypto savings, investment, and trade culture.

Truzact is a global brand here to serve anyone regardless of his/her country. In the long run, we will integrate fiat settlement options for users across different countries.

What is Truzact Doing?

  • Wallet: 

Truzact app is a secure crypto wallet that allows you to store, HODL, and transact your favorite crypto assets. Just like other regular crypto wallets, you can deposit to hold or carry out your OTC and P2P transactions using Truzact. 

We hope you enjoy the effort we have invested in creating a UI/UX that you will love ❤️. If there is something you don’t like about the Truzact app🥺, we will appreciate it if you can write to our customer support at for immediate resolution. Our support is pretty responsive too🤗, and if you love what you see or use, please drop us a 5-star rating with a nice comment to encourage us; we are humans too and want to remain humans here at Truzact🥳.

  • Crypto Finance App:

As a crypto finance app, Truzact lets you save and invest in crypto.

  • On Crypto Savings, you enjoy 10% APY on your USDT savings. 

Activate USDT AutoSave and earn interest for all savings and resist the urge to make careless withdrawals which can lead to withdrawal penalties as a way to make you stick to a healthy USDT savings culture.

  • Secure HEDGE fund investment; You enjoy 20% ROI which is spread across 3 different plans to suit various net worths. 
  • Enjoy 10% ROI on SATOSHI FUND
  • Enjoy 15% ROI on HODL FUND.
  • Enjoy 20% ROI on HEAVY BAG FUND.

Based on your request, we can add or remove something to make these offers more flexible for you as a user we care about.

  • Dollar-Cost-Averaging/DCA: Truzact DCA feature will let you buy your favorite crypto asset in bits at intervals and never have to worry about the best time to buy crypto again. DCA over the years has proven to be one of the best ways to buy and invest in crypto and Truzact is making that Easy which will be rolled out in coming weeks.

In the coming months/years, we will also be introducing other DeFi and financial solutions that will lead to crypto-financial freedom.

  • Preserve And Transfer Wealth – Next Of Kin

Truzact is a crypto wallet that encourages HODL and long-term holdings. It is one of the reasons we decided not to add the SPOT and FUTURES order book into the app, this way, you’re not easily triggered to sell, rather HODL and look away. People bought ETH at less than $50 and BNB at less than $20 and are still holding for years, this is one of the things Truzact will help you achieve.

In a sad situation of death or unavailability, you are able to WILL and transfer part or all your crypto assets to a loved one or family.

This is why we added the NEXT-OF-KIN feature into the app.

Truzact next of kin uses advanced technology algorithms to verify and transfer assets safely at all times.

A tip to best practices, don’t tell your Primary beneficiary who your secondary beneficiary is.

  • Charity & Humanity

Being human makes the world a better place. We understand that the majority of the problems facing the world and people today revolve around finance that needs to be funded, so on this note, we added a Donation feature that lets anyone raise crypto donations from anyone anywhere in the world.

Let’s call it the Go-Fund-Me of Crypto.

Are you looking to raise donations for anything? 

Try Truzact donation, you will love it.

  • Community – Crypto Church

We have the vision to lead a socially driven community of over 10,000 successful crypto traders and investors.

Truzact Crypto Church is an open Crypto community where we share ideas, guides, and insights about how to go about market and trading practices. A lot of people have become better traders and crypto persons just being in crypto Church, you need to be there.

Crypto church group is only available on Telegram, join us here: and learn, connect and grow with other crypto traders and investors.

As at the time of writing this note, Truzact crypto church already has over 10500 members.

Join Crypto Church here: 

Follow our announcement channel: 

For the women, join the women’s group: 


This is what Truzact does for now and in the future, we’re looking to become the personal and business goto Crypto app that powers finance tools and features that help individuals and businesses to thrive.

If there is something or a feature you will like us to add to the Truzact app, please send us an email at 

Increase your bragging right with a verified badge and increase account limits by submitting and getting your KYC approved.

Visit to get started. 

App is available on Google Playstore and Applestore.


We hope you have the best experience trusting and using Truzact while we remain committed to serving you.

GT Igwe Chrisent

Founder/CEO, Truzact.




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