Entrepreneurship Empowerment In Nigeria Again As The Nest Partner And World Remit Strike A Balance

Entrepreneurship Empowerment In Nigeria Again As The Nest Partner And World Remit Strike A Balance

Nigeria has been remembered as the Nest Partner and World Remit seeks to empower entrepreneurs in both Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Kenya, and Ghana.

The World Remit happens to be a world financial and technological base. This platform is said to have affected lots of entrepreneurs positively.

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Recently records speak that this global fin-tech company has joined hands with the Nest Partners, a Nigerian technology innovation platform for empowerment to the Nigerian, Kenyan, Zimbabwe, and Ghana entrepreneurs who seek to exploit this opportunity.

This information came to public notice on Wednesday 2nd of December 2020 through a public address by these companies on the same day.

During the statement, it was on record that the aim for the dynamic partnership was to effectively construct fast-rising business models and companies throughout Africa most especially with the World Remit entrepreneurship formulated as the spear to lead the mission.

Nest Partner and World Remit

The world remit in pursuing its goals has decided to extend its scope far above the digitization method of payment throughout the country, increase the developmental pace in Africa, and reassuring its brand new commitment to the skillful creation of unending opportunities in its focus states.

To achieve this goal, the equipment of African entrepreneurs with the required and effective tools, skills, and knowledge to increase profit in their business becomes inevitable. This now happens to be the objective of the World Remit and her partner.

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The World Remit country managers of Nigeria and Ghana by name “Okejimi Gbenga” Made it clear that the issue Pertaining to partnership and cooperation surfaced at the proper time when it will be felt after being acted upon. This is because of how businesses got affected by the COVID 19 pandemic, making the year a really difficult one for both entrepreneurs and their likes.

The activities, struggles, and efforts of the Nest Hub team really impressed him as he showed appreciation applauding them. What got him thrilled was how the organization stood firm in its resolve to ensure healthy environs for small business offshoots and the organization’s firm resilience in ensuring a continuing education among African countries.

He further mentioned how Africa’s present status of development and modernization has been greatly affected by entrepreneurship. He vehemently stated “in consideration to what Africa is today, a lot points to her entrepreneurship, which is the pivot for her continuous socioeconomic progress, resulting in grand innovation and significant creation of jobs.

He further canvassed saying “At World Remit, we long to be recognized for energizing the spirit of all African entrepreneurs. We also look forward to being parts and parcel of the future prosperity of Africa. We achieve this by offering assistance to building entrepreneurs all across our African market environs, therefore enabling the development and growth of the African economy”.

after an appreciated speech by the founder of Nest partners, the co-founder in the person of “Oluwajoba Oloba” assumed a speaking role. He explained how the well-articulated program for the entrepreneurs will act as an organic catalyst in the building of thriving businesses and business models all around Africa. He observed that Africa is about entering into a new business revolution wave.

The co-founder stated that “These entrepreneurs shall be molded with effective skills and given the adequate tools that are required to excel and exploit their business opportunity”.

He went ahead to tell his audience the role Nest plays when he stated that “The Nest Partnership definitely plays a vital role in this crucial partnership, in that the project partner will head the drafting of the digital business course, also called the learning modules by many” he mentioned also that “that would be used in the grooming of hand-picked entrepreneurs at the same time mentoring these selected ones on innovative patterns to scale and effectively manage their businesses.”

He concluded that far beyond the mentoring and training of these selected entrepreneurs the Nest platform provides these dedicated entrepreneurs creatives, dynamic facilities, start-up funds, small businesses, and workspaces.

Information Highlight 

  • The World Remit Programmer for Entrepreneurs had taken off from November 2020 and will run for a long time through January 2021 in Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, and Zimbabwe.
  • The program has planned and is expected to set up at least 50 entrepreneurs, empowering them with all that is needed.

This is an opportunity for all youths and entrepreneurs in Nigeria



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