Digital Encode Firm Wins Cybersecurity Diversity Company Award Of The Year

Digital Encode Firm Wins Cybersecurity Diversity Company Award Of The Year

The Digital Encode has been awarded the cybersecurity diversity company award for the year 2020.

The Digital Encode company is a limited liability firm and a pioneer integration and consulting establishment situate in Africa. This firm in the inaugural women cybersecurity Awards AFRICA (WICAA) was honored with the company of the year plaque as an award for Excellence.

Digital Encode received this award for excellence for the leading role she has kept playing in coaching women in cybersecurity. This award is a “nova” award. This means it is the first award of its kind to be given. Fortunately for Digital Encode, they happen to be the first recipients of this award.

The cybersecurity company is a firm toiling in management/administration, design and securing business-critical networks, tele-communes environs, and all other information technology (IT) infrastructures.

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Upon the presentation of the excellence award to the Digital Encode firm, the initiator and editor of Digital Encode Awards by name Cephas Okoth postulated saying “this recognized award is initiated to honor The Encode Digital Company for the value and incorporated diversity in her activities and security team”. Nairobi (Kenya) is the place where the cybersecurity has established a capital.

He motioned that these awardees are “females going the extra mile in making striking variations all over the profession “cybersecurity” as well as positively affecting their job and the industry at large”.

He added that most especially “women Assisting the various African governments, African organizations, and the African society to be more digitally safe” are the reason for the award initiation.

In the process of collecting the award presented, the head officer in charge of operations and founder of Encode Digital, whose name is Adewale Obadare, was grateful and showed gratitude to the organizers, for at least taking cognizance of the efforts the firm put up in trying to assist corporations to reach their data protection goals via a well put up a structure that is defined and secure.

He added that the company Digital Encode has been methodical and purposeful in its fight and mission of promoting the women folks of the cybersecurity industry as the sector has a population is 40% women in a display of competency and high standardness.

Adewale went ahead professing that the firm would keep on translating strategic business goals to form feasible and sound technical solutions for the consumers.

After a long speech, the chief technical officer and co-founder of the Digital encode in the person of  Akindeinde Seyi began to speak. The doctor applauded the Women who were present in the Cybersecurity Awards Africa of 2020 (WICAA 2020) as the first of its kind award for the ladies in cybersecurity on the Continent.

Driving home this point he claimed that cybersecurity has become a critical undertaking that proposes a detailed and thorough technique therefore women have become pillars as regards that.

While concluding he told his audience that the award was received with gratitude as they were excited at such an affectionate display. He said that the award was yet another testament for the Digital Encode who believes in experience and insight that improves the speed at which remarkable heights are attained in the day to day pursuit of creating and enabling secure cyberspace for Nigeria and Africa at large.



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