9 Ways To Build Backlinks For free in Nigeria

One of the factors that influences the indices that Google uses to rank sites are backlinks and building backlinks for your websites/blog in Nigeria is a good step in appearing at googles first page. But, If you cheat, Google will know and you could get blacklisted. You can earn backlinks and increase your domain authority online. How do you do that the legit way? This article explains the 9 ways to build backlinks for free in Nigeria

What is a backlink?

9 Ways To Build Backlinks For free in Nigeria

A backlink is a link that proceeds from an external webpage and links back to yours. You need to generate backlinks that will point to your site from other reputable sources. The more of these types of links you have, Google perceives that you are popular and this automatically improves your SEO on the internet.

Here are some tactics that will help you generate backlinks that you can make a practice anytime you are building content.

9 Ways To Build Backlinks for free in Nigeria

1.   Create great content

Great content is compelling. It is something that you want to read again and again because it touches something inside you and when it is that good, it will touch something inside your reader. It will cause them to act and to change and to make a difference in their area of influence. It gets them to stand up and pay attention.

2.   Create catchy infographics

Create catchy infographics. Don’t be intimidated that you are not a graphic artist. What you need are pictures that communicate easily the information you are trying to pass along. What you should be focusing on is excellence and not perfection.

3.   Link to other blogs On your blog

Link to other blogs in Nigeria in your genre. Link to other articles that you have written on other blogs that are yours. Link to newspapers to give the article you are writing credibility. Link to sites that you trust and read all the time.

4.   Write guest blog posts

Write guest posts when you are invited to write. Write emails to sites that you like suggesting that you do a guest post with them. Write and contribute to sites that have strong credibility and High page authority. It will build your skills and improve your writing time and writing schedule.

5.   Curate and publish helpful lists

Curate and publish interesting stories like ‘How to lose a guy in 10 days’ or ‘How to lose 10kg in a healthy manner in 30 days’. These kind of stories that start with ‘How to’ always get a lot of attention in search engines. Also curate posts when you don’t have time to write and don’t want your site to be inactive because it would affect the google ranking negatively. Search on Google for something that you find useful and publish it on your site.

6.   Build relationships with other blogger/sites

How do you build relationships on Blogs/Sites? It is simple. By making comments religiously. By sharing lovely content and having something good and sincere about the site to comment on. By reading the content before sharing so that you can speak intelligently about the post. Do this every week, very soon you will have bloggers who are interested in hearing and commenting on what you post regularly.

7.   Be funny

Find something funny about your day, your week or family to talk about. Start with something interesting that will catch the attention of someone reading and inspire them to make a comment. Or it could be a lesson that would make the reader want to contribute. Always encourage participation.

8.  Monitor the mentions of your brand

Use software online to monitor the mentions of your brand. This is called social listening and it will help you know what people think of your brand and help you tailor the content you share to some that people want to hear about and some that you want to write about even if no one wants to hear about it. The ix would help keep you fulfilled and keep your readers entertained also so it will be serving a dual purpose.

9.   Be helpful

When you are online, one of the things you should do is, be helpful. Being helpful will endear you to others. One of the things you can do is lovingly make correction on content. It tells the blogger that you are paying attention to what he/she is doing. You could also fix errors on Wikipedia, Google, or on a website/blog via Google. It will be noticed by the search engine(s) and rewarded. You will get major points for doing that. It will give you a good reputation on the site as one of the change agents.

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