6 Nigerian Bloggers Endorsed By GT Igwe Chrisent You Can Learn SEO From

Top Nigerian Bloggers To Learn SEO From

Having seen the trends and changes in the way Nigerians are going about blogging and online learning, I, GT Igwe Chrisent is here to endorse and recommend these top Nigerian Bloggers you can learn anything about blogging from.

That I’m rating them top bloggers in Nigerian does not mean they are the highest earners in the Nigerian Blogosphere, in fact, most of them aren’t even significant when you talk about making money online in Nigeria through blogging or online marketing.

Still on still, I will still bet they are nowhere close to what our top Nigerian bloggers make every month but don’t be shocked they will eventually take over and become a among the top earning Nigerian bloggers in no distant time.

Well, I’m not here to lament on who makes more money and who does not make a dime online.

Entrepreneur Nigeria was founded to give Nigerians the best and nothing less, and today we have the list of the top 5 Nigerian bloggers to follow if you really want to learn good stuff about blogging, Affiliate marketing and the rest.

Before I go further, let me quote Gary VernerChuck, he said

“Follow my actions and not my words”

If I were you, I will wholeheartedly follow the good blogging practices/teachings of these guys and not what they are, just like me that’s a very lazy entrepreneur, i even made a claim that entrepreneurs are the laziest people in the world. Follow my steps and actions and not what I say.

Brief Look at how the internet has evolved with time.

You will agree with me that the internet of today has taken a different dimension and has so far, changed the landscape and atmosphere of businesses both traditional and digital. Let’s break that down

Before now, people just buy products either because of the advert they must have seen on the television or used but today, people hardly buys product or services because of the advert the brand in question puts up on TV or Radio. So what about now?

The internet of today has affected the behavior of product consumers to sorting out with product reviews first before a purchase is done. That is why people go online to read product reviews and see what other who have gotten the same product before they have to say before they finally dive in.

Today, blogging and content marketing has changed the way people do businesses and brands are eventually adopting the concept of quality before quantity because they know bad products will bring bad reviews.

My friend Emenike Emmanuel have shared 5 heavy signs that you will not succeed as a blogger, if you want to get on board or onboard already, do check it out, it’s really lengthy, in-depth and engaging.

Social media is not left behind as it has its own impact with the way consumers use it for product and service consumption.

This article is primarily meant for anyone who wants to learn how to use the internet to influence his business, whether online or offline.

I have already shared powerful tips on how to build a billion dollar business using social media. Do check it out too.

Whichever way, make sure you follow these guys I’m recommending who have in recent times, added selfless effort to the growth and development of people who are interested in Digital marketing which includes

  • Blogging
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Freelancing
  • And others on how to make money online tips with content marketing and digital publishing.

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Now back to the headline of the day which says;

5 Nigerian Bloggers To Follow And Learn From | Top Nigerian SEO Bloggers

  1. Prosper Noah of Tips On Blogging

Prosper Noah is a young and vibrant Nigerian blogger from Kogi State. He was born on the 13-10-1998 and currently paving good ways for himself. Prosper Noah is the owner and blogs at tipsonblogging, A blog where tips he used to succeed in blogging are given away, all for free.

I have read most of his works and sure, recommending him to any newbie who wants to learn about blogging for free.

  1. Prince Kwekowe of W3 Tutor

Prince Kwekowe is a 17 years old SEO blogger, Prince hails from Abia state and currently the founder and the CEO of w3tutor.org – a tech based online school.

He’s a seasoned programmer and Digital marketer. Has a Degree in Artificial Intelligence and Entrepreneurship. He is passionate about Technology, Robotics, Entrepreneurship and SEO

For me; GT Chrisent, I endorse him having seen his efforts so far in the growth of the SEO industry. You are sure not to get disappointed if you follow his teachings.

  1. Mathias Amodu of ZealMat

Mathias Amodu is a 21-year-old blogger from Kogi State. He is a passionate blogger with full interest in making the world a better place for upcoming webmasters in society at large. His main aim is to help and solve any related technology issues. Have issues on blogging and need a Nigerian blogger to help you out? Mathias is among the guys to go to.

  1. Igwe Samuel Damian of Loud Tips

Samuel Igwe is a 23-year-old blogger from Imo state. He is the founder of various blogs on tutorials and entertainment which are loudtips.com and gongtunes.com .  Samuel Igwe Was born on 15th January 1995. He has made way for himself through internet marketing and so far proven to be good in the SEO game within a short time.

  1. Prince John Okosun of Blogging Prince

Stumbled upon his blog recently and I love what I saw there, so then, who is Prince John.

Prince John Okosun is a 21-year-old Nigerian blogger from Edo State Nigeria. He started blogging few years ago and have learned more than what he has offered.
unlike most of the people on this list who use WordPress, Prince uses BlogSpot for his own platform and have grown to be pals with it. SEO is a topic he enjoys lecturing on, he writes and publishes Search engine optimization articles on daily basis with the intention of making ranking easy for newbie bloggers.
So now,

Do you have patience?

Can you be consistent?

How far are you willing to go!.

SEO is no magic.

If you can give it your time, effort and creativity then you can rank your post next to mine on Google.

For a vote? I will vote him as one of the guys I trust where people can learn from when you talk about Nigerian SEO bloggers.


As a newbie or you want to expand your knowledge base on blogging and SEO, then these 6 Nigerian SEO bloggers mentioned above are few of the good Nigerian bloggers to learn from. Prosperity Kenneth is one guy I’m currently holding high and I’m looking forward to the day I will brag about predicting him being among the top entrepreneurs or even featured on international magazines like Forbes.

Looking to learn new thing on blogging from Nigerian bloggers and you don’t know who to check out?

The six guys mentioned above is a very good way to start.



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