Top 7 Travel Destinations in Bauchi State You Should Visit

Bauchi State is located in the North-eastern part of Nigeria. There are many travel destinations in Bauchi State. Which is the capital and main city of the state. Before independence in 1960, Bauchi was together with Adamawa in 1967. But it became a state on its own in 1976, and Gombe State was created out of it in 1997.

Bauchi State is known as the “Home of Peace and Hospitality,” The state was named after a renowned hunter known as Baushe, who lived in the region before the Yakubu arrived. The meaning of Bauchi in Hausa is the ‘land of freedom and tourism’. There are 20 local government areas in Bauchi State. The State has over 5 million people, and it is bounded by seven states: Kano and Jigawa to the north, Taraba, and Plateau to the south, Gombe and Yobe to the east and Kaduna to the west.

Travel destinations in Bauchi State Nigeria

Seven Travel Destinations in Bauchi State

The following are the travel destinations in Bauchi State

  1. Travel Destinations in Bauchi State: Yankari Games Reserve
    This Reserve is the largest games reserve that is found in Nigeria. It is about 2,244 sq. km of land, and it is located 225 km east of Jos city in Plateau State. It is the most developed wildlife park that we have in the country. There are over 250 species of flora and fauna and over 550 elephant population among other animals and bird that are fascinating.

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  1. Travel Destinations in Bauchi State: Wikki Warm Springs
    The spring is found within the Yankari reserve. It is a park for tourists to visit. It is about 200m in length and 10m in width with crystal-clear warm water that has a temperature of 31 degrees Celsius. The natural springs are the main reason why many tourists visit the reserve, and the springs park is usually ignited up in the evenings for guests to savor its freshness.
  2. Travel Destinations in Bauchi State: Shau Shau Iron Smelting Works 
    This is one of the travel destinations in Bauchi State for one to visit with the 60 furnaces used to melt and forge iron tools among other farming implements. With over 100 ironsmiths employed to forge iron tools such as cutlass, hoe, Dane guns, arrows, household utensils etc.

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  1. Travel Destinations in Bauchi State: Marshall Caves
    This cave was discovered in 1980 by P.J. Marshall, by a white explorer. The cave has 59 dwelling caves in total – dug into sandstone escarpments, and must have been used by initial settlers who used here as means to escape enemy and animal attacks. Wall engravings and Rock paintings made into the caves give credibility to the fact that the previous settlers abode in the breaks of the ancient caves.
  2. Travel Destinations in Bauchi State: Tunga Dutse
    It has a rock formation that has ageless carvings and writings that are moderately legible but meaningless to all people. Investigators are still trying to interpret the meanings and age of the rock writings with a view to understanding the ancient people that lived in the rock, leaving their symbols.
  3. Travel Destinations in Bauchi State: Ancient Hills
    There are over 10 ancient hills that are existing in Bauchi State, but the three most famous ones among them are the Kalban hill, Kariyo hill, and Paliyaram hill. Some of these hills are found within or close to Yankari games reserve, and they give the park a scenic view for travelers to behold.

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  1. Travel Destinations in Bauchi State: Dukkey Wells
    They Dukkey Wells have over 139 wells that are very linked via shafts to depict an elaborate water storage system that was in use in the olden days. It is one of the travel destinations in Bauchi State for travelers to explore and see the originality of ancient folks in conserving water for both local and agricultural use in the arid region.