How to Choose Long Tail Keywords And Increase Your Blog Search Traffic in Nigeria

How to Choose Long Tail Keywords – Best Way With Ahrefs

A common misconception is that long tail keywords must be a certain length (word count) in order to be classified as “long tail.” Today in Ahref research on 1.4 billion keywords proves that this is a myth.

So, what are long tail keywords?

Long tail keywords are search queries with low individual search volume, but can have an enormous total search demand as a group.

But these keywords generally fall into two “buckets.”

Both are powerful but fit into different scenarios and should be treated differently.

  1. Bucket #1 is called “The Long Tail of Broad Topics.”

    These long tail keyword phrases generally fall into a broader topic (ie. “weight loss”). Some of these topics will have tens of thousands of long tail variations and ranking for the head term can result in potentially hundreds of thousands of search visitors each month to a single page.
  2. Bucket #2 is called “Topical Long Tail Keywords.”

    The long tail keywords in this group are generally based on more focused topics (ie. “squeeze pages”). They have fewer long tail variations, and may not produce as much search traffic as the first group.

    However, they are generally lower-competition keywords that will likely be easier to rank for.

    This video breaks down each bucket so you can enhance your keyword research to create content that can send you a torrent of free organic search traffic.

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