My Legit Take on Sumobank, Read before you Create Account With Them – Review

As a trusted online savings website and currently rated to be one of the top savings platforms in Nigeria, I decided to look out online for some talks on other websites and I came across an interesting review on Nairaland and decided to share.

The quoted text below is the exact words of the person who reviewed it and i think you should read this before creating a savings account with Sumobank.

“Good to see Nigerians waking up to solve the numerous problems of the country without waiting for the Government.

Another phenomenal Fintech tackling the issue of bad savings, investment and learning culture of Nigerians.

Reading through the “Why We Started Sumobank” letter by the CEO on his birthday, i got to discover a new platform with real movement that needs all the media attention.

Well, what’s my own.

Let me just talk About Sumobank today and what it does.

Sumobank at is a Savings and Investment platform that helps you save, invest, learn effortlessly on the go alongside with other benefits.

Assuming you want to buy a Car or travel for Xmas, pay house rent, school fees, shop or a holiday, etc, you can start saving money for it ahead of time using Sumobank and when the time comes, you can withdraw your money straight to your bank account with interest.

They pay 10-15% interest yearly…..

(no Nigerian bank will pay you this)

The platform helps you reduce expenses by giving you a specific date to withdraw your money unlike normal banks that you can withdraw anytime and not have good savings In case of emergency.

Also, by being a user on Sumobank, you will have free access to Entrepreneur Platform business academy which will teach you various how to guide in doing business in Nigeria as well as connect you to like minds who you can collaborate and work with.

Everything is Automated and setting up an account is very easy….

In the future as seen (Coming soon), as at the time of writing this, Sumobank promises to start giving personal and business loans and while helping its users build successful businesses from their model…

Well. creating an account requires just your Full name, phone number and email at

Glad to see them mentioned as one of the TOP SAVINGS PLATFORM in Nigeria alongside with the likes of PiggyVest, Alat and CowryWise.”

While the goal is simple, it is good to know that Nigeria needs dedicated solutions to the numerous problems we’re facing right now and fighting poverty is one of them.

It’s a simple thing,

  • Automatically Save and accumulate capital over time and earn interest. (You can also save for any reason, not just for business)
  • Invest or Learn a skill, business through its partnership.
  • Start a business of Freelance from the skill you have learned, Live happily thereafter.

It’s that simple.

You can also read more about Sumobank from the FAQ page at

Create account at



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