10 Most Lucrative Small Business Investments In Nigeria 2021 | See List Here

10 Most Lucrative Small Business Investments In Nigeria 2021 | See List Here

There are many lucrative small business investments in Nigeria 2021 that will guarantee you very good returns. This article will help you with the top most small business investments anyone can find in Nigeria.

You probably are asking questions like: What are the best small scale business ideas in Nigeria? What are the best investment opportunities in Nigeria? You need not ask any further as this article will help you with the answers to those questions.

There are many entrepreneurs and investors confused about where to invest their money with good returns, to those I adviselucrative small business investments in Nigeria 2018 to read on because this article is specifically written for their consumption.

10 Most Lucrative Small Business Investments In Nigeria 2021

  1. Livestock Farming

This is one of the fastest-growing business opportunities in Nigeria, especially catfish farming. This is because it is an emerging industry is yet to reach its peak in Nigeria.

It is no longer news that the federal government has banned the importation of frozen fish, what this means is that the local fish farmers are already smiling as the over 180 million Nigerians is relying on them for the supply of fish. Just imagine what this will be like 5-10 years from now for those that are willing to invest in this business at this point in time.


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  1. Exportation Of Agro-Products

This is one of the lucrative small business investments in Nigeria 2021. As you see around you, Nigeria is so blessed with a whole lot of natural resources which are mostly raw materials needed for the production of finished products. On a daily basis, raw materials and food products leave the shores of Nigeria to countries like USA, India, UK, Brazil, China, etc and yet the demand is not even met. Considering the exchange rate between the Naira and the US dollar, exportation business is the real deal at the moment in Nigeria. All you need to do is to register with the Nigerian Export Promotion Council and decide on the specific product you wish to export.

  1. Inland Waterway Transport

Nigeria has a lot of inland waterways that comprises of creeks, rivers, lakes, and seas; but transportation is still a challenge simply because there are very few people that have actually invested in water transportation in Nigeria. Inland waterway transport has great potential to generate great returns for investors as its one of the leading lucrative small business investments in Nigeria in 2021.

  1. Establishing A Radio And Television Station

Contrary to the belief that the mass media industry is saturated in Nigeria, that is not true as there are states in Nigeria that cannot boast of up to 3 privately owned radio or television stations. This is a great investment opportunity for investors and entrepreneurs with interest in broadcasting and mass media.

  1. Construction Company

There is no doubt that Nigeria is still developing especially when it comes to the area of infrastructure. There are massive construction works going on in the country, ranging from roads, bridges, etc. if you have the financial capacity to assemble the needed team and machinery, then you should consider setting up a construction company in Nigeria as it promises to be rewarding.

  1. Real Estate Development

If I exhaust the list of lucrative small business investments in Nigeria 2021 without the addition of real estate development, then I am not actually in Nigeria. Giving the increasing Nigerian population and the challenges of housing, real estate development is a very good lucrative and rewarding business that entrepreneurs and investors even venture capitalist should look into.

  1. Writing Company

If you follow the current trend in the business world, you will observe that outsourcing is now the order of the day, especially in the USA. Such outsourcing jobs are coming to Nigeria and an example is ghostwriting or article writing. Platforms such as Fiverr, Elance, Freelancer, etc are already in this business. You can either write from home as a self-employed writer or you set up a writing company with competent writers and source for jobs online.

  1. Haulage and logistics

No matter how people feel, and regardless of the weather, they must move their goods from one location to another. This is actually one of the leading lucrative small business investments in Nigeria 2021 at this point in time. Inasmuch as it is management intensive, you just have to start with one truck and build it from there.

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  1. Alternative Power Installation

Nigeria has been bedeviled with poor power supply, as people are complaining and attacking the government for this ill in the system, you can build a business in alternative power installation such solar energy, windmills, inverter, etc. You can do this either by importing and retailing these materials or you simply focus on just installations.

  1. Plantation Farming

There are lots of cash crops that you can plant and nurture, and they will keep providing you with steady returns year in year out. Such crops include palm tree, orange, cashew, kola nut, etc.

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You must know that the investment opportunities in Nigeria are not limited to only these ten, you can actually research and discover a whole lot more lucrative small business investments in Nigeria in 2021. Simply having the required capital to invest in these opportunities is not a guarantee that you will be successful in the end. You must have to do your part by making sure that you understand the business venture that you are going into.