5 Golden Rules of Social Media Marketing

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Marketing on social media is one of the best marketing decisions you can make and is also one of the most effective marketing strategy. Seeing as almost everyone has an online account and is active on at least one social media platform; putting your business online is indeed a smart move.

It however comes with rules, or better still – guidelines. People want to a see an online account for the brands they patronise, but they also do not want to see too much of it. What most business owners fail to take into account is the fact that putting their businesses online is not only to the benefit of their already existing customers. Your online activity can and should also get you more patronage from an even larger crowd. How do you ensure you are not going overboard with your brand’s online activity? Read this.

  1. Social Media Marketing # Be Creative

I’m afraid it takes more than just quality services or products to make an indelible mark on today’s market. Don’t just have an Instagram or twitter account for the sake of having it. And if you already have one, don’t just post any random picture for the sake of posting. The posts you make on your online account should be conscious and most importantly creative. Creativity is the reason people will pay any attention to your brand online. Creativity is indeed one of the essential ingredients that will turn people who hitherto had no idea of the existence of your brand into loyal hooked customers. So the next time you want to post a picture or a write up on your business’s social media account ask yourself; is this creative enough to get people to want to do business with me?

  1. Social Media Marketing # Engage

After you get people’s attention, what do you do with it? You keep it. How? Be engaging them. And no I don’t mean getting them a ring and bending the knee to propose. Be engagement here I mean being responsive. Reply to their comments, answer their complements. You can even throw a few jokes around. Anything to show them/your followers that they are noticed and appreciated. You can even go as far as following a select few back on Instagram. And try not to be slow with your response, especially in cases where the person reaching out wants to patronise your business.

  1. Social Media Marketing # Don’t post too much

Yes, I know I said you should be creative with your posts and write ups. But then creativity does not equal excess. Do not overdo, don’t flood people’s timelines in a day all in a bid to get noticed. Posting too much just make people see you as a nuisance with too much time instead of the respected brand they should see you as.

  1. Social Media Marketing # Do not forget media content

By media content I mean pictures and videos. People undoubtedly spend more time on sites with media content. Pictures get more attention than words, use this to your advantage. And make they are high quality pictures. People should not have to question their eyesight because they visited your wall. And don’t forget rule number one stated above either; make sure they are creative!

  1. Social Media Marketing # Reward

From time to time find a way to give back to the society. Find a way to give back to your loyal fans and customers. You can organize competitions where prize is your product, service or even a cash prize. Trust me; Nigerians like awoof(giveaways). Nothing gets and keeps their attention like free things and free money does. Besides you ultimately have to spend money to get money. Spend the little amount you can afford on these freebies and watch your followership and presence on social media grow. Remember the more followers the more customers you get!




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