Fish Feed Production In Nigeria: A Viable Business Investment

Fish Feed Production In Nigeria: A Viable Business Investment

In order to be successful in fish feed production in Nigeria, you must understand the fish feed production process explained in this article. Fish feed production is very good business investment in Nigeria today. This is because the Nigerian population is under-provided with protein, which is an essential food component.

Fish Feed Production

For you that want to invest your money in fish feeds in Nigeria, you must note that balanced fish nutrition must contain all needed ingredients. These ingredients for fish feed production in Nigeria must contain all the needed nutrients that would meet the needs of the fishes in the farm. This article will guide you on how to manufacture efficient and economical fish feeds in Nigeria.

Fish feed is developed from ingredients that include sorghum, maize, flour, groundnut cake etc. these raw materials for fish feed production mentioned above will make up about 38% of the total ingredients used. It also provides between 30-50 percent of the nutrients that the fish needs. These ingredients are mixed very well, oiled and dried in order to produce floating granules as feed for the fish.

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Why You Should Invest In Fish Feed Production In Nigeria

If you are still considering whether investing in fish feed production is going to be a good investment or not. Let me bring to your notice the many criteria that make fish feed production a viable business in Nigeria. The reasons you should invest in fish feed production include:

Fish Feed Production

  1. Market Availability

One of the ways to know a very good investment opportunity in business is the availability of the needed market for such products. Fish feeds in Nigeria are in constant demand due to the proliferation of fish farming business in Nigeria. This shows that there is large, growing as well as sustainable market for fish feeds in Nigeria.

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Nigeria has a population of about 180 million people who are grossly under-provided with protein which is an essential food component. Data from central bank of Nigeria ( CBN ) and Food and Agricultural Organization ( FAO) shows that an average Nigerian have access to less than 2kg of beef annually. The data also showed that only a paltry 4kg of eggs is available yearly to an average Nigerian.

This has made many people to venture into fish farming thereby creating a very good market for people that are into fish feed production in Nigeria. The growing fish farming in Nigeria has created a very high demand for fish feed. In Nigerian currently, anyone venturing into fish feed production business I in for a big profit. The only thing that you need to do is get the needed information which this article is giving you.

There cannot is no fish farm in Nigeria that can survive without the availability of good fish feeds in Nigeria.

  1. Cheap Raw Materials

This is another positive factor that made fish feed production in Nigeria a very viable business. In fish feed production process, raw materials are very much needed. These raw materials can be sourced locally within Nigeria.

With cheap raw materials, the cost of production will be very minimal. This will greatly increase your profit margin. Examples of these raw materials include; maize, groundnut cake, sorghum, flour etc.

  1. High Profit Margin

With the increasing demand for fish feeds in Nigeria, coupled with the availability of raw materials that are not cost intensive, fish feed production is very lucrative. Nigeria imports roughly 40, 000 tons of fish feeds valued at about $60 million annually.

Considering the huge amount of money going into the importation of fish feeds, you can now imagine the huge returns that will be coming to you should you venture into fish feed production.

Fish Feed Formula

In every fish farming business in Nigeria, feed formulation is very important. This is because, imported feeds are extremely expensive. In order to have a very good fish feed formulation either for commercial purposes or your local fish farm, your choice of fish feed ingredients should be guided by the following criteria;

  • Cost And Benefits Of The Ingredients Available

Before you start fish feed production, you must consider the cost the ingredients needed for the feed formulation. You must try to look at all the alternative ways to meet up with the nutritional requirement of your fish if the needed ingredient is costly.

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You must make sure to retain the quality and the quantity of your feed, irrespective of the choice of ingredient.

  • Fish Nutritional Requirements

In order to formulate a quality fish feed in Nigeria, you must have the adequate knowledge of the ingredients and their nutritional value to the fish. If you want to go into commercial production of fish feed, you can employ the services of an expert or professional in fish nutrition. This will really help you to come up with the best fish feed in Nigeria.

  • The Availability Of The Processing Technology

In the fish feed production process, you must consider the processing technology when formulating your fish feed. For instance, if you don’t have the needed feed miller to fully powder the maize. This is because, fish might not be able to completely digest maize grain that is not well milled.

  • The Presence Or Absence Of A Toxic Factor In The Ingredient

While going into fish feed production, you must be careful to identify those ingredients that have some anti-nutritional elements in them. For instance, Soy beans must be well milled in order to remove the anti-nutritional element present.

Ingredients like the GNC promote the growth of Aflatoxin that can pose a threat to the fish. You really must be very careful while formulating the fish feed.

  • The Acceptability Of The Available Ingredient To The Fish

Fishes just like every living thing have preferences when it comes to the type of feed they like. You must identify those ingredients that will suit the taste those fishes grown in Nigeria. The two major species of fish grown in Nigeria are Catfish and Tilapia.

In order to have a successful fish feed production business, you must formulate feeds that will suit the taste of these fishes grown in Nigeria. For example, catfish prefers soya meal to cotton seed. Ingredients that have a crude processing method should be avoided. This is because, in the course of the fish feed production process, the essential nutrients in those ingredients might be lost.

Fish Feed Production Requirements

Before you can venture into fish feed production business, you must make sure that the things needed for a successful business is in place. These important requirements include;

You must have a capital before you can be able to venture into the production of fish feeds in Nigeria. You must have conducted a feasibility study to know the amount of money needed to start up a small scale fish feed production industry. You cannot run this business without money. This is because you need to buy all the needed equipment and materials, and you cannot do this without money.

  • Land

This is another important requirement that must be settled before you can start a fish feed production business in Nigeria. In choosing your land location, it must be in a place that allows easy access of fish farmers to come and purchase your product. The land also needs to be in a rural location so as to reduce the cost of purchasing such land in the urban areas in Nigeria.

No business stands the test of time without a well detailed and structured business plan. With a good business plan, you can attract investors into your business thereby leading to the expansion of your fish fed production business in Nigeria. The importance of a good business plan can never be over emphasized in the success of any business establishment.


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