Top 10 Most Lucrative Business Ideas In Nigeria

Top 10 Most Lucrative Business Ideas In Nigeria

There are so many lucrative business ideas in Nigeria that one can pursue. The key to success in every field is having the right mindset and working on the right ideas.

All business ideas in Nigeria have the capacity of enriching you but there are some that pay more as a matter of fact. There are of course, factors that make some ideas more successful for some people than for others.

As a result of the above fact, you have to be careful when choosing from the available business ideas in Nigeria. We have taken a look at the top lucrative business ideas in Nigeria that are capable of generating millions for you.

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10 Lucrative business ideas in Nigeria

  1. E-commerce Business

E-commerce is one of the most lucrative business ideas in Nigeria. it is the about the easiest kind of business to start anywhere in the world. The customers are enormous because most people today are online. All that is required of you is to convince this great potential customer into real customers. They can patronize your products and services.

  1. Poultry Farms Business

Poultry farm is another aspect you can explore. Most people depend on chicken and eggs for protein. There is always a market for it. If you manage a farm of 500-2000 chicks properly, you are already on your way to heaven. You could be earning up to 30 million naira annually.

  1. Second hand clothes Business

Because of the high price of buying new clothes and the poverty that is among a good number of Nigerians, so many of them prefer to buy second clothes. You can cash in on this as it is one of the lucrative business ideas in Nigeria you can pursue with high turnover on investment.

  1. Snail farms

Snail is referred to as “big man’s Meat” in Nigeria. You will always have high returns on investment if you delve into snail farming. It is becoming quite popular. The good thing here is that it is cost-effective because it doesn’t need any special equipment. The market is quite big.

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  1. Fruit juices Business

Fruit juice business is also one of the lucrative business ideas in Nigeria. Nigerians consume quite a good proportion of fruit juice. You can join that sector. It should be noted that it is quite capital intensive. If you can afford the money, then you will be okay and money will flow in.

  1. Oil and gas Business

Oil and gas business should be regarded as the number one business idea in the country. You can start working on a business plan to start an oil and gas business. This is a proven sector and if you invest here, you will definitely reap until Nigeria stops producing and using oil.

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  1. Professional car wash Business

You can also start a car wash and make enough money based on good management and staying at the right place. A strategic place will do you a lot favour.

  1. Construction materials business

The construction business is also of the lucrative business ideas in Nigeria. Houses are always been constructed on daily basis. Construction business really pays.

  1. Rice farming Business

Rice is a major food crop in Nigeria. The government and individuals import rice in great quantity so you can really make money from it. It is quite stressful but worth trying nonetheless.

   10. Hotels and Real estates

One of the best and lucrative business ideas in Nigeria is real estates. It is one of the biggest. You can invest in a hotel or rent some property.

The truth remains that lucrative business ideas abound in Nigeria. you just have to be careful and you can choose from these ideas discussed above and enjoy the inflow of money.