How to Make Money Fast in Nigeria

How to Make Money Fast in Nigeria

How to make money fast in Nigeria may seem like a misleading title but with further reading, you would discover that there are indeed legitimate and easy ways to make money fast.

Everyone wants to have money and will not be labeled as a bad thing.

If you are reading this, you will be guided on a legitimate way to make money fast in Nigeria.

The Best Way to make money fast In Nigeria

1) Blogging

make money fast in Nigeria

Blogging is a great way to make money fast in Nigeria, without much capital. It is simply writing short articles on various topics and publish them online.

There are various topics of interest to choose from. Examples include sports, personal life, health, travel, and lifestyle. You can pick one you have a flair and interest for and will generate engagements.

All you need for a blog is a laptop/mobile phone/ Tablet. You will also need to be active on social media platforms.

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Blogging is lucrative especially when you have a lot of visitors. Advertisers pay to make adverts on your page. It is important to note that blogging requires patience and effort.

Starting up a blog is not difficult. You can visit sites here and here to guide you on creating a blog.

Top bloggers in Nigeria include Linda Ikeji, Jide Ogunsanya, Noble Igwe, Making Azees, and much more.

Visit here for a step-by-step guide on how to start up a blog.

2) Mini-Importation business

E-commerce Business

To make money fast, you can engage in mini importation business. Mini importation is the process of importing or buying goods online or from a different country and selling them at your own rate.

There are a thousand and one things to import and sell. It can range from bags, shoes, cosmetics, hair, clothes, books, kitchen utensils, selfie sticks etcetera.

The plus about this business is that you do not have to be the one selling it directly. You can just focus on importing and selling to retailers who in turn distribute to consumers.

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Starting a mini importation business is not difficult, neither is it capital intensive. With as little as 10,000 naira you can take a course on mini importation and with time build contacts.

The downside is that the business is done in foreign currency and the sinusoidal pattern of dollar rates can pose as a disappointment.

Click here for a guide to starting your own mini importation business.

3) Agriculture

make money fast in Nigeria

Agriculture is a wide scope and has a lot of subdivisions. It is a good way to make money fast.

Agriculture business includes poultry farming, fishery, snail farming etcetera.

Subsections under this business like poultry farming do better in particular seasons of the year, for example Christmas and Easter. You can purchase chicks with as little as 5,000 naira and start rearing in preparation for the season. Word spreads fast and with time customers arrive. Click here for a guide on starting your poultry farm.

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A fishpond requires an enclosure or at worst a big container to rear the fish. With 15,000, you can comfortably start up a fishery business. You can sell to individuals, restaurants, and organizations. With time and the influx of profit, you might want to expand the business to include the sale of dried fish. This is a money generator, especially if you have contacts. How to start your fishpond business.

Snail farming requires patience and also searching for good species of snails. If you get all these rights, the business booms fast. How to start a snail farm.

4) Freelance writing

Freelance writing cuts the chase of having to create a blog site. Freelance writing is writing for money while being self-employed. It is a great idea for making money fast in Nigeria.

As a freelance writer, you write the topics given to you by your client. To start this business, you will require a mobile phone or a laptop and internet access. The job requires research and creativity.

To land contracts as a freelancer, you will need to market yourself especially online. This will entail having an online presence especially on LinkedIn, Upwork, freelancer, indeed, Fiverr,, ProBlogger etcetera.

It is important to constantly upgrade yourself as a freelancer and understudy some other top freelancers so you can get better.

As a freelancer, you have the privilege of choosing your price and what you will be paid.

5) Affiliate marketing

affiliate marketing benefits

Affiliate marketing is a great way of making money fast online especially if you have a blog site or website. It entails promoting goods and services on your blog site or social media handle and getting a particular commission each time someone buys with your affiliate link.

You can visit any company that offers affiliates like Konga affiliate or Jumia affiliate where you can register and choose the product you can promote. Visit here for all you need to know about affiliate marketing.

6) Using your skills

Applying your skills is one of the fastest ways of making money in Nigeria now. Gone are the days when having a certificate was absolute. Skills are necessary for survival and making money.

The application of skills is usually environment-dependent but not always absolute. A lady made thousands of naira making her course mates up during their matriculation. She was in the right environment.

Asides from makeup, other fast money-making skills include hairdressing, hair barbing, painting, cooking, baking, making wigs, cleaning, and much more.

There are a thousand and one businesses you can set up that will generate income faster than you can say jack. There are online videos and websites too available for you to learn.

7) Network marketing

make money fast in Nigeria

Network marketing is another way to make money fast in Nigeria. It is also known as multi-level marketing. Network marketing is a business model whereby a network of distribution is required to build the business.

The business requires a little amount of money to get started. With time, profits start rolling in.

Examples of network marketing in Nigeria include Longrich, Oriflame, forever living products, Edmark, and much more.


A lot of ways to make money fast in Nigeria exist. Gone are the days when helplessness abounds. Opportunities exist both online and offline. The upside is you not having to totally exert yourself in the quest to make money.





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