Full Biography And Net Worth Of Mc Oluomo


Full Biography And Net Worth Of Mc Oluomo

biography of MC Oluomo

MC Oluomo is a popular Nigerian especially in Lagos which is his base of operation. He is known to be one of the stakeholders in the Nigerian Union of Road Transport Workers. His popularity is also linked to his involvement with politicians especially those in the ruling party All Progressives Congress (APC).

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He was also mentioned in Teni’s song, Case. The biography of MC Oluomo is an interesting one as it does not to the usual line of musicians and reformers.

Birth, Early Life And Education

The biography of MC Oluomo starts from his birth. He was born on the 14th day of March 1975, making him 46 years of age presently. He was born in Agbo Ile Atere, in Oshodi and his father is from Ejigbo, all in Lagos State. His mother, Alhaja Abebi Zinat Omotonwo was from the Agedegbe family in Abeokuta, Ogun State. He was christened Musiliu Akinsanya.

MC Oluomo was attending Afolabi Primary School in Oshodi before he lost his father at a young age. He was only in primary three at the moment. His mother took him and went on to live in Abeokuta. He attended Olu Efon Primary school in Abeokuta, Ogun State.

The name MC was given to him by a woman who lived in their area, Mama Alaye. She shortened his name Musiliu to MC and the name stuck from then. His peers took upon it and began to refer to him as MC. Mama Alaye observed how strong he was when they used to play the game, Game, and Watch. When his mates moved from school to school challenging people, she would always tell them to go and meet the MC boy.

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Biography of MC Oluomo

As a child, MC Oluomo had a lot of friends who loved to hang around him. According to him, while in primary school, his friends would all join him at his house after school and they would all have lunch together before they left for their various houses.

MC Oluomo, unfortunately, lost his mother Alhaja Abebi Zinat Omotonwo in 2020 at the ripe age of 87.

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Personal Life

MC Oluomo has three wives and nine children comprising six girls and three boys. He met his first wife, Alhaja Modinat Adunni Akinsanya when they were both in Primary School. They were friends and would always hold each other when coming back from school. She attended Methodist Primary School, while he went to Afolabi Primary School.

MC Oluomo was previously married to Tayo Odueke, the popular Nigerian Yoruba actress who was also called Sikiratu Sindodo. She was doted upon, by MC Oluomo. Unfortunately, the marriage did not last. They had some issues, which led to their separation.

Alhaja Aishat Ajoke, one of MC Oluomo’s wives dedicated her new house in Lagos. His three wives all have houses in choice locations in Lagos State.

MC Oluomo is known to be a socialite. He loves throwing parties and making merry. His parties are well attended by the Crème de la crème of the society. He has been seen In the company of other influential men like Governor Bola Tinubu, the former Governor of Lagos State.

Being a man of affluence and loving to flaunt it, he possesses several cars in his garage some of which include; an Infiniti SUV, Toyota Corolla 2017, and others.

biography of Mc Oluomo

MC Oluomo loves his family and does not hide it. He gifted his daughter a Toyota Venza and penned a message down for her. It read, “I sent you to school you came out in flying colors, You promised me you would graduate and make me happy.

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You went for your NYSC to serve your fathers land, and you succeeded, you came home with the man of your choice, and I was very happy because you came home with a great gentleman. You got married and some months later you gave birth to a lovely bouncing baby girl so why would I not be proud you are the firstborn of the family. This is a little gift from me. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, MY DAUGHTER.”

Net Worth

The biography of MC Oluomo would of course contain his net worth. His net worth is pretty uncertain. However, he is estimated to be worth about 2.2 billion Naira. His source of wealth is from his role as the National Union of Road Transport Workers chairman.


The biography of MC Oluomo also talks about his career. After his father died, his mother found it difficult to continue supporting his school. He had to become a bus conductor at Adatan, to help his mother make ends meet. Due to his personality, a lot of his peers took to him. They were always seen hanging out at Adatan filling station. Despite his job description, to the amazement of his peers, he did not join in to smoke Indian hemp, cigarettes, or drink alcohol.

MC Oluomo joined the National Union of Road Transport Workers and became part of the caretaker committee after the then chairman of the Lagos branch, Tajudeen Agbede was promoted to the position of national vice president in Abuja.

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The 18-man caretaker committee was set up to oversee the smooth running of the association following his promotion. This also happened, because the other state executives were to be dissolved following Tajudeen Agbede’s appointment.

At the moment, MC Oluomo was the chairman of Oshodi Branch of the Lagos Nigerian Union of Road Transport Workers, and also the association’s treasurer. Some members raised dust over his membership in the caretaker committee.

Regardless of the opposition, MC Oluomo emerged as the new caretaker Chairman of the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW) in Lagos State in September 2019. He was inaugurated as Chairman, in the following month.

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Chieftaincy title

The title, Oluomo was given to MC Oluomo by traditional rulers in his mother’s place. The title is one of honor, and it is evident that he holds it in high esteem.


The biography of MC Oluomo is an interesting read. It shows a man who loves his family and who loves to live his life to the fullest.

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